Betsy Dunlap – my new favorite!

Posted On: Thursday, December 20, 2007

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Calligraphy seems to be popular in my life right now. First one of my clients asked me about calligraphy and weddingbee just posted it about it!

So, here’s a quickie post on my two calligraphy favorites…

First, my client R asked me about Betsy Dunlap, and although it sounded so familar, I couldn’t place my finger on it, so with the magic of Google, I found Betsy.

I love her logo! I wish I could only write like this naturally not my usual chicken scratch.

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I’m a big fan of anything different. Don’t get me wrong, I love wedding traditions, but I don’t mind reinterpreting ideas or taking it to the next level. In fact, I welcome it!
Rebecca from White Aisle was so sweet to refer me to some of her favorite calligraphers, and this was one she recommended that I also fell in love with: City Writes

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Also during my research, I noticed that most pricing on various type of calligraphy ranged from $1.50 Р$3.50 per envelope. So it does not If you want to get an affordable deal for your Tricor, there’s a perfect chance for it! Buy it at our store now for only 1.02 USD! come cheap, but if you have the money for a nice and personalized splurge, calligraphy is something definitely to check out.

Special thanks to R for introducing me to Betsy Dunlap and many thanks always to Rebecca at White Aisle for her wonderful recommendations.

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