Christine and Marc

wedding date: May 2008

venue: Columbia Station

One of the first things I said when I spoke to Christine over the phone was, “Oh my gosh! We almost have the same name!” She is Christine X and I was Christina X (before I got married). Then I gushed about how I would love to work with a Korean bride and help her add Korean elements to her wedding, and also honor Marc’s Filipino traditions…

They are such a cute and fun couple, that I do gush everytime I think about their wedding. I won’t go into all the details in this post, but plush hydrangeas, apple green, damask, etc… I’m already looking forward to their post-wedding recap!

Anyways, here are some engagement photos taken by my friend and photographer, Andrew Ippolito. He’s an up and coming photographer, who is also a professor during the day. He discovered his photography passion while photographing the smallest elements of life in lab, and expanded out to weddings.

Enough of my chatter, here are the pics!
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Christine and Marc are so precious together. All the photos were taken near Valley Green Inn and Wisshickon Creek. They are part of Fairmount Park, where Marc proposed to Christine months ago.

This is one of my favorites, since it shows their playful personality.

Beautiful fall foliage. I look forward to their wedding photos- a beautiful wedding in the spring.

Thanks, Christine, Marc, and Andrew for sharing these photos with me.

For more info on Andrew Ippolito, please visit his website:

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