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Posted On: Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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When I first started my blog, I started off a series of “E” planning saga… but unfortunately, I never finished it. Despite my blog writing transgressions, the wedding has happened and it was beautiful!
Courtesy of Doll Face Studios, Darah posted a few sneak peek photos of Eve and Nathan’s wedding on July 13, 2008.
It was a very intimate affair of 90 guests at Joseph Ambler Inn on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Eve and Nathan wed in their new patio area under an arch while their wedding party and guests looked on.

This wedding was especially meaningful and important to me as a wedding planner for many reasons. Eve and I used to work together at my old company. Because she was a friend and old colleague, I wanted nothing but the best for her, but to also keep her within her budget. So in came Doll Face Studios, Il Fiore Bianco for flowers, and Will from 4MostSound for entertainment.

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Eve is a huge lover of flowers, so our meeting with Alicia at Il Fiore Bianco took a long time, while Alicia and Eve went through the little book of flowers. The end product was this beautiful bouquet. Absolutely beautiful – it captured Eve’s wedding colors, and also the look of country side picked flowers. Eve found a little charm that looked exactly like her first love, her doggie, so I added it onto the bouquet the morning of the wedding.

The wedding ceremony started at 11:30am, and the reception came to an end at 4:30pm. The day flew by, but guests had a great time. Because the wedding was on a Sunday afternoon, Eve was worried about alcohol and about dancing. Well! Wil got the guests to dance, and wine and beer was a plenty at the self-serve station (ahem, one guest had one too many I suppose).
No wedding goes perfectly- which is why people like myself stay in business – to make sure things go as seamlessly as possible and to do damage control along the way. Eve’s wedding day could not have been more perfect… the wedding itself was great, but it did not lack drama. We had one of the ushers collapse right before the ceremony due to medical reasons, and we had a few grandmothers trip and fall, and lastly, had one guests be escorted out by EMTs later in the afternoon. BUT! Eve and Nate were so poised and handled it all with grace, including their parents.
It sure made for a memorable event.
Congratulations Eve and Nate!
You can see more of Darah’s photos here: http://dollfacestudio.typepad.com/

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