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Posted On: Monday, December 08, 2008

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I don’t think I have done any inspirational posts recently, but here’s one! One of my clients (and friend) K and I had a meeting with Robertson’s about her wedding flowers. K stated that she was so suprised that she liked orange flowers. Originally she had thought of blue, whites, and blacks. She worried that orange flower would make her spring wedding appear too autumny (yes, I just made up a word).

Well, K, I found some photos for you, and I hope these inspire you as they’ve inspired me!

Orange and greens, featuring the orange mokara and dendrobium orchids and lilies. Also, the 3rd picture in the last row reminded me of that tropical flower you liked. A great idea of cocktail hour.

(image: Love and Splendour)
Purple flowers…. this example doesn’t showcase the flowers you like, but I wanted to show you this to demonstrate that you can do different shades of one color.

(image: Love and Splendour)
Here is a great example of your purples and oranges together. This bridesmaid is holding her bouquet and the brides bouquet. It totally works! Also note that the bridesmaids dress color is a nice neutral color. Don’t know where you should look for an affordable Promethazine deal? Rejoice and shine, because Promethazine is available at our store for 0.87 USD!

Another all orange centerpiece.

(image: Love and Splendour)
A beautiful purple bouquet.
Lion Dancing!
After talking on the phone with some lion dance performers, they told me that traditionally they have two lion heads for a wedding because each lion head represents a family. The two heads and the dancing symbolizes the two families coming together.

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