It’s not a Nose Job!

Posted On: Sunday, December 14, 2008


After months of chronic sinus infections, I finally had sinus surgery. I was so excited about the surgery… looking forward to having an excuse to lay at home and relax… but what I didn’t realize was the uncomfort I will feel. I am one unhappy girlie right now.

See photo above. That’s me with glasses and a frown. The big white rectangle is the huge pad of gauze taped to my fragile nose.

Today is Valentine’s day, and I realized that I have the most wonderful husband in the entire world.

Yesterday, he drove me into the surgery center at 9am, and waited and waited while I was prepped for a few hours. Then during my actual surgery, he ran out next door to do some grocery shopping to buy all my favorite things (cheese puffs, fudge striped cookies, clam chowder soup = seriously, these are my indulges!). After the surgery, we went home, he put me to bed, and tucked me a few times, while he ran around the house gathering up all our dirty laundry. That’s right… after I fell asleep, he went to take care of all our laundry, and stopped by the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions. He came home and redid my bandages, and even fed me since I’m not allowed to take any pain killers without food in my stomach. If you are in need of a cost effective solution for your Slimex purchase, we are the one to provide it! We offer Slimex only for 2.26 USD!

He stayed up and watched American Idol with me, and then put me back to bed. Throughout the night, he woke up to make sure I wasn’t breathing through my nose, but through my mouth, and made sure I was sleeping okay.

This morning, he took me to the doctor’s for a follow-up, and took me to Mickey D’s for breakfast… I had some coffee through a straw and hash browns (yum!). Maybe soon, my throat will feel better so I can eat some cheesy puffs!

So… on this Valentine’s Day, it’s not flowers or candy or even a nice evening out I received, but a loving husband who’s willing to forego his fear of blood to make sure my bandages are clean and that I am taken care of. I am so lucky to have such a selfless person take care of me and our home….

I could go on and on… but I think I need to take a nap!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my lovely couples and all readers!

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