Kaya and Wale’s Wedding

wedding date: June 2008

venue: JC Melrose Country Club

Where do I even begin with Kaya and Wale’s wedding?! It was so much fun, and truly an adventure.

Let’s start from the top….

Saturday morning, Lisa, the intern, Megan, assistant, and I headed over to Kaya’s parents home to see check in on the bride, her parents, and the wedding party. Photographers Nicole and Andrew, both from Faith West Photography were already there taking some detail shots of her dress, shoes, flowers, and invitations.

We packed up the trunk with ceremony and reception items and got ready to go to the church… except the keys were in the trunk, and the trunk was now closed! Within a few minutes and car alarm blaring, we were able to retrieve the keys and get on our way.

Once I dropped the girls off, I headed back to the house to make sure the limos showed up on time. We had a bit of a limo issue the night before. The original company where the couple booked their vintage white Rolls Royce called to say that the car’s transmission was out and the only vehicle they had available was a brown and gold Rolls Royce. We cancelled the original limo when I eventually found Philadelphia’s last white Rolls Royce at Ali Baba’s.

The ceremony started a few minutes late because half of the guests were still MIA. I learned that day that it is Nigerian custom for all family members to enter together as one unit. So, close to the ceremony start time, all the Nigerian guests entered the church together.

Kaya’s mother had programs made up for the ceremony, and she was so sweet to include my name in the program!
After the ceremony, we handed out bubbles for the guests to blow while the couple made their exit.

Once all the guests left, we cleared all the pew bows and grabbed the two large floral arrangements, and headed over to JC Melrose Country Club for the reception.

At the club, Nicole and Andrew from Faith West took some awesome portraits of the couple and wedding party, while my team and I finished up the set up in the ballroom.

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Once we cute the cake, Kaya and Wale changed into their Nigerian clothes.
After a few hours of eating, drinking, and dancing, we received a special request to play Nigerian music.  Except, the band, Amazing Grace, did not have a CD player on hand!  So I politely begged the banquet manager (who also happened to be Korean) to use the karaoke machine to play the CD.  About 30 minutes later, the karaoke machine started to smoke! I guess the machine wasn’t used to pumping out music that loud!  Everyone still had a great time, the reception ended on time, and the venue did not go up in flames.
Here are some more photos from the great night:
Whew! What a night!
Special thanks to Nicole for providing all the photos.
All photos are courtesy of Nicole of Faith West Photography.