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Posted On: Monday, December 01, 2008

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Recently, I have been reading up on Korean-American entrepreneurs for daily inspiration. By looking at just my name, one would not assume I am Korean, and as an individual who lived with the most common Korean last name for 25 years of my life, I think subconsciously I’m scared of losing my cultural identity.

I digress.

I have been blessed to do weddings of different cultures. Most recently, we had a Nigerian wedding. Previously, we had a Greek wedding, followed by a Portuguese wedding. Coming up we have a Jewish-inspired ceremony, Indian wedding, and a Vietnamese wedding.

Being a part of the wedding planning process for many of these weddings inspired and based on their cultural roots have not only inspired the creative side of my brain, but also inspired me to seek out more of my own culture.


During this process, I have come across an archived article on Kevin Lee. For those who are not from LA, you may still know his name from various wedding shows.



He studied in Korea and came over here with dreams to open up his own little flower shop, and over 20 years later, he’s doing weddings for Tom Cruise, Wolfgang Punk, and events such as the Oscars and Grammys!

Click here for the article.

And go to his website Don’t waste your time looking for affordable Januvia deals anymore, because you’ve found it – buy your medicine for 6.33 USD now! for pics of his work. It’s mouth watering….

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