Our new baby boy!

Posted On: Friday, December 05, 2008

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*Not wedding related!*

Back in 2004, when my husband and I first started dating, he promised me a puppy. I was about to move out and live on my own (after college). I ended up moving into his house, and no dogs were allowed, so I agreed to wait 1 year until we got our own place. When we moved to Northern Liberties, we landed a great apartment… on the top floor… with no yard. We agreed it was cruel to raise a dog without a place to run around, so again, I agreed to wait until we bought a house.

We moved to Mt. Airy a few months ago, a dog friendly neighborhood. We had already started our research on breeds and breeders once we had an agreement on the house with the seller, and eventually I found Gittingers (www.bulldogsofnj.com). I read a lot of horror stories about breeders and puppy mills, so we took extra precaution to find a good breeder.
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Our baby, Oscar, was born August 1, and we were allowed to visit the next day. This was a very important visit because we wanted to meet the Gittinger family, plus the parents of Oscar, and the other dogs on the property. All were lovingly raised and the family was so honest and open with all question we had for them.

Here is my favorite picture of Oscar. He resembles more of a hamster here, but he will grow to be between 90-100 lbs. Oscar is a purebred American Bulldog (not to be confused with the pitbull).

Look at his little paws!!!! Their eyes will remain closed for a while, but we absolutely loved his ears and his red patch over his right eye. He didn’t make too much noise and napped in my arms, and occasionally woke up to search for milk.

Here is Zena, the mom with all 6 of her pups. Zena was a very loving mom to her pups.
September is my busiest wedding month this year… but somehow, I have to squeeze in time to go pick up Oscar.

A lot of my clients are dog lovers and have big dogs of their own, so I’m happy to share my big dog love with everyone!

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