Personal Touch to Invitations

Posted On: Friday, December 19, 2008

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B, one of my brides, spent many months working on her invitations. She also designed her own save the date magnets (which were so cute and included their dog, Gordon), but the invitations was a whole different ballgame.

I give B and her fiance all the credit in the world for designing their own invitations. They made the invites fun and it really played off their personalities. I’m a firm believer that invitations set the tone for your weddings and give insight to your guests on what they can expect for your wedding. B definitely accomplished that with her fabulous invites! (Pictures do not do the invitations justice. Photos courtesy of my iPhone and shaky hands.)

Here are all the pieces together. Although cut off, the orange figure is a dinosaur. They are getting married at the Museum of Natural History, and the overall theme of their wedding is “geek chic.” I love it! I also loved the “bite” out of the brunch invite.

Their RSVP card. I loved the little icons they used. It’s so cute!

I’ll have to be sure to send mine in soon…

Only Kari Jo can make my name look super cool…

The outer and inner envelopes were done by hand by the very talented Kari Jo of Citywrites.

All pieces of the invitations were elegantly letterpressed by Vertallee Letterpress.

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