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Posted On: Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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My new website will be going live in a few days, but I wanted to give y’all a sneak peak of my many hours of resizing photos and narrowing down a selection from thousands of photos…

This past weekend was our first weekend sans wedding, but it was definitely not a relaxing weekend (is it ever in this business?). :P
My brand new laptop arrived but was at the DHL office, so because I could not even bear the idea of waiting any longer for my precious Dell laptop, I drove towards the airport area to pick up my new toy. I spent the rest of the night playing on the laptop and editing my website.
Saturday morning, it was like Christmas! I couldn’t sleep anymore, and had to go into the office to play with my laptop some more. So I continued working on the website and also transferred everything from my other computer. Then I met with a great couple at a local coffee shop, and we sat and chatted for a while, beyond the consultation. Came home and pinesoled my entire house and initiated a rule for our house: no more shoes inside the home; we’re going Asian style. I set up a shoe rack in the enclosed porch. The rule worked great when my aunt, cousin, and grandma came to visit that night, for whom it’s second nature take off their shoes. Dinner was at Seo Ra Bul on 2nd and Grange and I stuffed myself with bbq and stew. After coffee and some light discussion with my family, I saw them off, and then passed out due to food coma.
Yesterday, I had an 9:45am appointment with new clients E and W at the Lemon Hill Mansion. I had never been to this venue before, but it’s very Victorian and beautiful. The house is set up like a museum with velvet rope, but for the wedding, some of the furniture can be used! Joyce the owner was very accomodating and so sweet. Soon afterwards, I rushed over to Northern Liberties to Doll Face’s brunch. It was a great time! I met some new and past brides and some vendors. Some of us stayed a bit longer to help clean up and drink more champagne!

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But my day was not yet over… drove over towards Bucks County to meet with E and her family at Joseph Ambler Inn to take care of some final details. The inn recently added a new patio area that is fully covered with a small stage, and E has decided to use this new space as her ceremony location, in lieu of the grassy area. I think it’s a great choice. E’s wedding day is only 2 weeks away, and it’s going to be a special day since E and I used to work together. It’s always nice to help plan a wedding for someone you know a bit more on a personal level.
Around 5:30pm, I finally came home and found my wonderful hubby working on some business stuff for me. (oh and my fax works too!) While I’m away doing whatever it is I’m doing, my husband is always doing something for our new house, our yard, my business, or whatever he can do to keep himself busy. This weekend… we’re going to buy him a nice charcoal grill to celebrate.
Fourth of July weekend… I am taking off the entire weekend to recharge and also to spend quality time with my husband and my sister, who is visiting from Dallas. We’ll start up the grill, and finish painting the living room, and maybe even paint the kitchen, or bedroom, or maybe even my office!

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