Such an Inspiration

Posted On: Wednesday, December 10, 2008


A few days ago, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, the Smart Planner, written by Liene of Blue Orchid Designs. Liene has started to showcase some wedding planners nationwide, but the one on Aletha VanderMaas really caught my eye. Why? She’s been in the business for less than a year!

Aletha started her company, Pearl Events about a year ago and after speaking with her via email, it has been quite a year! She is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

It was such a breathe of fresh air to meet her because many times, I felt like I was speaking to myself, and she felt the same way. Both of us were new to the industry, yet every so often we were feeling discouraged by the sudden influx of negative blog entries from more seasoned planners on new planners. Although we do understand that there may be some people who treat wedding planning as their hobby, for us, this is our job and our passion. Especially for Aletha, her long list of weddings for the 2008 season is surely a testament to her good work ethic and her love for planning a great wedding.

I look forward to a new friendship with Aletha and can’t wait to see how high she goes!

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