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Posted On: Monday, December 29, 2008

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This is a bit late, but I was tagged by Angel at http://lifeseventful.com/.

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This is me:
1) The smell of lamb really grosses me out.
2) My toes are probably permantly callused up from wearing high heels all day. (Ew)
3) My nickname since highschool has been “turtle”, and people back from my hometown still call me “Tina.” In college, I was referred to as “Chris” until I met my husband whose name is also Chris.
4) I kill all house plants.
5) When I was a kid, I collected green inch worms that used to hang over my backyard, and one day, my “cage” of inch worms was empty!
6) I love crab, and one of my favorite pasttimes is having a crab eating contest with my family, accompanied by good beer.

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