To Register or Not to Register

Posted On: Friday, December 26, 2008


The power of the clicker/scanner at Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and Bed Bath and Beyond is… well… powerful. I think. I wouldn’t know because my husband refused to let me hold it, and when he did eventually let me use it once, I couldn’t get it to work, so it just reaffirmed his opinion that I was not worthy of the scanner.

Truth is, I loved registering. I was like a kid in the candy shop. It was like Christmas. Oh! The beautiful Mikasa china that I know that I would never buy for myself (but my aunt might), or the Cusinart Coffee Machine, or the coveted Kitchen Aid mixer (stainless steel) or the holiest of holy…. the DYSON.

But now that our 1st year of being married has come and gone, we still have our mixer in Get the best Trental deals at our online store today! Take a look at our offers and buy your Trental for only 0.74 USD! the box at the bottom of our cabinet, and our china is still in it’s original packaging since we have no china cabinet, and we have virtually no carpet in our house, so a Dyson is impractical (thank goodness we didn’t get one).

Philadelphia Inquirer had an interesting article on wedding registries:

I do … want that mixer
Brides- and grooms-to-be, let’s vow to end this connubial covetousness. A guide to restrained registering.
By Malina Brown
For The Inquirer

I agree completely with Malina Brown (oh I think the wedding industry police are going to come after me!). And what a coincidence! She shares the same last name as my favorite Food Network Host: Alton Brown. Mr. Alton Brown has 1 simple rule for the kitchen: No unitaskers!, which is then followed by: Except the fire extinguisher. Malina Brown also has the same rule, and it’s true. Not only does it eliminate clutter in your kitchen, but it also will test your ability to be a great chef in your own kitchen.

Another trend I am seeing recently is that many engaged couples already live together and some even own a home together. They usually already have everything they could possibly need, and thus feel no need for a registry. For couples who don’t need the traditional registry, but have guests who have repeatedly asked, “Where are you registered?” you can set up a honeymoon registry in lieu of a traditional registry. The following is a small list of some honeymoon registries:

So when you and your fiance are standing in a crowded Williams-Sonoma, with the scanner in hand, think twice about that avocado peeler. You can just as easily use your paring knife.

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