Anne and Dave’s Wedding

wedding date: June 2008

venue: Private residence PA

Back in late 2007, I received a phonecall from a bride asking if she could meet me right away. Doll Face Studios referred her to me when they found out she was considering a wedding planner. The only issue was she was only in town for a few days and was scheduled to leave for California soon. I was scheduled to leave for Christmas vacation the following afternoon. So I agreed to meet her at La Columbe in Philadelphia on my way to the airport.

And am I glad I did! I met Anne, Dave, and Anne’s mother that day, and I remember having a great conversation. I was already so excited about their wedding! She was planning a tented reception on the property of Dave’s aunt’s house in PA. How nice of Aunt Nina to offer up her home and land for their wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous last weekend!

The morning of the wedding started at Hotel Fie Sole in Skippack. Darah and Siobhan of Doll Face Studios were already there getting the girls ready. Around noon, an Indian ceremony was prepared by Anne’s father.

The pseudo mandap area for the bride, groom, and priest. Most Indian ceremony last hours, but Anne and Dave’s ceremony only lasted about 40 minutes.

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After the ceremony, Anne’s father hosted a luncheon for the guests. The tables were set up by the staff at Fie Sole. Aunt Nina and her florist friend did ALL the flowers for the wedding.

Here is beautiful Anne in her wedding sari. She looked absolutely stunning. All the bridesmaids also wore saris.

Despite Anne’s busy schedule in law school and taking the California bar exam, she found time to make these beautiful menus and favors. The menus fit perfectly in the white square plates, topped with a personalized candle and matches.

The tables looked amazing. My beautiful assistants did a great job helping me set up all the tables. The staff at Shackamaxon Catering were very helpful and fun to work with.

As already mentioned, the flowers were done by Aunt Nina and her friend. There were plenty of flowers everywhere, and really set a wonderful theme for the wedding.

The tables were rented

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