Posted On: Friday, February 13, 2009

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Starting tomorrow, I will be out of office (OOF) to visit my family in Dallas.
Since we’re flying out and with these new crazy extra baggage fees, my husband and I are consolidating all our clothes and shoes and toiletries into one big suitcase (good luck to us) and try it to keep it under 50 lbs. The 2nd bag will be Chris’ golf bag, so that leaves me out of luck for extra baggage. I guess I’ll just wear Chris’ t-shirts at night.
I haven’t seen my family in almost a year, so I’m leaving my laptop behind (boooo) and trying to travel light (as previously mentioned). My iphone only weighs like 1.5 lbs, so I’ll bring that along – and the great thing is, I can do so much from it! But I may have to store it away while I’m spending time with family; if I do not respond right away as I usually do, please be patient and wait until Tuesday when I return.
In Dallas, we have a very packed schedule… and I need to schedule out everything… the planner in me.
Friday night arrival : straight to an all you can eat Korean BBQ joint with many bottles of Soju as we catch up
Saturday: haircut, shopping for a new outfit for our photoshoot (more on that later!), and meeting up with the entire family at my mom’s awesome seafood takeout restaurant for dinner.

Can’t find an affordable solution for the purchase of your Indinavir? You’ve found it now! Buy it for $4.77 only!

Sunday: church with the fam, followed by the obligatory meet and greet of my parents friends, and a nice long trip to a korean spa. (Check out the link. It’s very cool. I grew up going to these with my mom, sister, and grandma both in NJ and in Korea. My mom is so happy they have one in Dallas now – and it’s supposed to be the king of all korean spas. We’ll see.) After the spa trip (a harsh exfoliation and a massage later) we’ll all meet again at Fogo de Chao for a belated valentines day dinner.
Monday: Fly back to Philly.
In case you haven’t noticed, my family loves red meat. It’s hard to be korean and not enjoy red meat. I’ll take some pictures, and post about my family’s misadventures when I return!
Have a great Valentines Day and President’s Day Weekend!

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