A big Announcement!

Posted On: Thursday, March 26, 2009

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One month from TODAY….

Hide of Hibachi at Penn’s Landing has asked me to help him coordinate the first ever bridal open house at Hibachi!

The ballroom, lobby, and lounge has been renovated with fresh hardwood floors, expansion, and change of paint, and Hibachi is eager to show off their new look and really want brides, grooms, parents, and wedding/event planners to consider their restaurant and ballroom has a potential wedding venue.

cHill Weddings did their first wedding at Hibachi last October (Kassie and Martin’s wedding) but that was pre-renovation.

We are excited to join the team of wonderful and talented vendors, and I hope you will come to see the space, enjoy the riverfront view, eat some great food, and meet some amazing vendors. Plus, you can win a chance for a free wedding banquet up to 75 guests!

You can go here: If you don’t want to spend a pretty penny for your Avodart, just buy it right now for 0.94 USD only! http://www.pennslandingbanquet.eventbrite.com/ to make reservations, and list of vendors will be listed as well.

Special thanks to Ardent Management.

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