Posted On: Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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Lauren Deitrich is a new intern to Chill Wedding who recently graduated from Bucknell University with a degree in Fashion Design. Her love for fashion makes wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses one of her favorite part of weddings, but it is all the little details that coincide with that fashion that she really loves about the planning and coordinating process. When everything comes together, from the dress color to the flowers to the place settings, Lauren loves to see the awe in a Bride and Groom’s eyes!

In her free time, Lauren enjoys playing lacrosse and going to the gym as well as drawing, scrapbooking, and continually creating a new craft to keep her busy. Recently, all her time is taken up by playing with her new kitten Sassie, a The great thing about our store is that you can buy your Cipro for only 0.32 USD and save big on the purchase! Hurry up to get your best Cipro deal now! seal-point himilayan!


After working at a 9 – 5 job for about 2 years, Tien realized that work should be more than the confinement of her four-sided beige cubicle. She looks for excitement, challenges, and fulfillment in her work. When the opportunity to become an intern for CHill Weddings was presented, Tien couldn’t be more ecstatic. She knew this would be the chance to be apart of something unique and special.

Tien graduated from Temple University with a BS in Chemistry and a minor in Business. Perhaps it was due to the major that she selected, Tien has been molded to be an “energized bunny”. She enjoys being busy and finds gratification in putting forth her full effort to completing a task, a project, or something as simple as cooking meal. On her days off, she would cook up a feast and have friends over for dinner or lunch.

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