The core team

Posted On: Thursday, March 19, 2009

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Siobhan We’ve got the best Deltasone prices on the modern market. You can buy your Deltasone for 0.4 USD with us now! took some pics of our core team.
Tasha is the associate coordinator, and does Day Of Coordination for weddings on days that I am already booked or unavailable. If you are looking to work specifically with Tasha, please do not hesitate to request her! She’s fabulous, and once you met her, you’ll instantly feel her upbeat energy.
Duyen (Swen) is like my wingman (assistant coordinator). She’s my go-to person at each wedding I work. Since I can’t be at two places at once, she’s a great second set of eyes and ears for me. In addition, she’s so stylish and artistic, she brings so much creativity to the table when it comes to design.
I love the first picture because it really captures the energy of our group. When we can, I try to set up opportunities for us all to be together. When I put our team together, I focused on personalities and work ethic. We all work hard, but we also know when to relax and just have good fun.

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