Cake Extravaganza!

Posted On: Friday, April 24, 2009

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Last Tuesday night, my staff and I hit up Loews for some awesome cake tasting and viewing. We were there for City of Hope’s Let Them Eat Cake.

So saw some awesome cakes, and eat some delicious cakes… I am going to try my best to remember everyone.

This cake was one of my favorites: from Keatings. There was a lady dressed in a Hanbok, and little Korean figurines were added as embellishment for the cake. The best part of the cake was the design underneath the roof (which I didn’t take a photo of).

A cake designed by Van Earls Cakes, who is awesome! They just gave me a private tasting last weekend, which I will blog about soon. Van Earls will also be at Hibachi’s Bridal Open House tomorrow!

A traditional French wedding cake by Bredenbrecks. I heart cream puffs.

Beautiful cake…. I think it may have been one of the student bakers… anybody know who designed this cake?

I also loved this cake, but I can’t remember who it was. I’m losing my memory!

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I think there’s a pattern here…

I know this one! This is the back of the winning overall cake from Miel Patisserie. I love all the layers. It’s so pretty!

Here’s the front of the same cake.


Now we have pics of my staff that came with me in front of their favorite cakes:

Tasha in front of a cake that replicated the delicate designs of a wedding dress.

Tien picked a very springy, pretty cake.

Duyen (Swen) picked the cake with the PEACOCKS!

Of course, we had to be goofballs.

I’m losing my memory and my marbles apparently! Photo booth courtesy of Festive Fotobooths, who will also be at Hibachi!

Thanks for coming along our silly journey in eating lots of cake. And thank you to Majestic Images for taking this picture of us.

This weekend is crazy! We have the beautiful Sara marrying Kevin tomorrow at Blue Bell Country Club, then our Hibachi event on Sunday!

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