Sneak peek into our new office!

Posted On: Thursday, April 23, 2009

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So after weeks and weeks of painting, I finally finished the big part and was able to add my furniture to my office! Now, this is just a sneak peak! More paint retouching needs to be done, and the chandelier needs to be put in, in addition to the curtains… but it’s ready for consultations and meetings!

I have two small antique white tables, and two parson chairs, and the settee. Yes, the settee is red. Yes, it was SUPPOSED to be ivory. But when it arrived, after my shock and dismay, I realized that I liked it. It was a mistake, but it was an a-okay mistake, and adds a nice shock of color to my otherwise blue and cream office. The pillows are light gold with blue embroidery – so it really helps bring everything together. Behind the parson chairs is my huge antique desk.

You can see in the corner, there is still a box (that’s my chandelier to be assembled next weekend by my lovely husband and his father in law while I’m working a wedding!) and there is also still a bucket of paint. Sometimes I feel like paint is the bane of my existence.

Christine and Marc were my first clients to visit last weekend! The next day, Karen and Dave came over for their final meeting. It was so nice to have clients in there -I definitely feel more relaxed. I can’t wait to get some of my photos up on the walls of our 2008 weddings.
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In the meantime, I tried to spruce up the room with some color flowers:

I LOVE tulips when they are open. Simply gorgeous!

(please excuse my awful pictures, all taken courtesy of my trusty iphone)

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