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Posted On: Friday, April 10, 2009


Last May, my husband and I bought our first home. We looked at 50 homes in the Philadelphia area for about 1 year (on and off), and one of the major criterias needed in our home sweet home was space for my office. It needed to be large enough for it to house my humongous antique desk (courtesy of my father in law), a full sized keyboard, and furniture for my client/vendor meetings.

Finally, we found our home, and more importantly for my business, I found this:

Okay, so it doesn’t look like much here. The lighting is bad, and there’s nothing in it, but it also have original hardwood floors, molding on the walls, and pretty cool angles for me to work with. It’s just big enough for everything I need to fit in there, and there is enough closet space for me to display my vases! (the basement is also large enough with a work table for our floral projects) We’ve got the best Bactrim prices on the modern market. You can buy your Bactrim for 0.48 USD with us now!

Once we moved, our little family was innundated with parental visits, unpacking our personal items, hosting parties, and caring for a puppy – all in addition to the wedding season of 2008. After 10 months, I finally found time and motivation to finish my office. It’s been “under renovation” since we’ve moved in, with boxes everywhere, but as of today, it’s all covered in sheets and the walls are a cool blue surrounded my blue painters tape- readying for my last coat of trim paint.

The first image was my inspiration for the color and overall design. Although this inspirational picture (I can’t remember the source!) is slightly more modern than my office, I find that it is closest to what I am trying to achive. The picture on the bottom right is the blue paint I chose for the room, and the trim color is a bit more yellow in color. The molding in this image is very similar to the molding through out our house.

The parson chair is already in, and waiting in the hallway for the painting project to be completed. They are soft and comfortable, and a lot cheaper than Ballad Designs. I purchased these chairs and my settee (not pictured) from Home Decorators. The chandelier is in a box in the middle of the office, and purchased from Loews.

The rest of the furniture is scheduled to arrive today. My first client meeting in this office is scheduled for next Saturday with Christine and Marc. I hope everything will be done by then! The chandelier may still be in a box, but at least the paint will be dry.

Anyone want to come and help? :)

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