I love my vendor friends!

Posted On: Thursday, May 21, 2009

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A big part of being a wedding planner is establishing solid relationships with vendors.  Some relationships are purely professional, and some turn into friendship.  Regardless of the type of relationship, I love all my vendors because they’re reliable and put out a fantastic product.  Some also step it up a notch to help me out.

Here are some examples recently – I am so thankful for these people!

1) For our May 15th wedding, the berries came in red from another florist, but they were supposed to be green.  So I gave my first call to Tammy at Domenic Graziano since they also are a retail store, and sure enough, within 5 minutes, they have 13 stems of green hypericum berries ready to go for me.

2) I left the vases behind at the venue for last weekend’s wedding, which I needed for prep for the flowers.  I showed up early the morning of the wedding, and Stephanie of Robert Ryan Catering greeted me and told me to stay and use the dance floor for all my flowers.  For lunch, Stephanie gave us two big plates of delicious food to hold us over.  I was there until the start of the ceremony, and the staff worked around me and my staff, and even swept our mess up!  The Robert Ryan staff was absolutely awesome during the wedding too!
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3) One my brides asked for wheat grass for her placecards.  I had no idea where to get grown grass!  Tammy (#1 save) told me that she was in the process of growing grass right now and would fill me in on the details.  Stephanie (#2 save) sent me a link to save-on-crafts.com for an artifical wheatgrass piece that they use for their cocktail stations.  Necoh of Royal Design Flowers contacted her wholesaler for me, and found out they sold grass for super cheap, already grown!  I should not have been texting while driving, but I was so excited!  Necoh offered to order them for me, if I did not want to set up an account with the wholesaler.

4) This is not wedding related, but my chic wedding friends helped me out with my own personal crisis.  WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR FOR MY OWN BIRTHDAY DINNER?!  Sorry for the caps, but that is what I was thinking!  I plan weddings, not outfits.  I recently purchased a beautiful dress for a wedding, but that couple will also be at the dinner, so I wanted to wear something else.  Randi, Kelli, and Necoh all chimed in via Twitter to help me

Thank you to all my vendors for all your hard work during the planning process.  Cheers to a busy and successful wedding season!

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