After two years, we still have regrets…

Posted On: Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So husband and I made it back from Atlantic City, and still with money in our pockets! If you’re also been following me on twitter (, you’ve probably heard of my crazy puppy and his bed eating antics the day prior to our departure… putting us in a frenzy and almost cancelling our mini anniversary vacation.

But great friends in addition to the pup’s girlfriend took good care of him. We dined on spiced rubbed steaks, played some poker (I lost about $40 bucks, not bad!), and husband played craps – on our way up to the hotel room. A few hours later, we up a few hundred dollars! So we treated ourselves to a spa day, new pair of jeans, and a sweet brunch at the Water Club (new addition to Borgata).

During dinner, we discussed our wonderful wedding. It was very “us.” Quaint church wedding that spoke about how our friends and family is our “church.” A traditional Korean paebaek ceremony during dessert. A tented reception on the grounds of a very Victorian beach house. I wore a gorgeous Melissa Sweet gown, and husband wore a morning jacket. Our photographer rocked and I still gush over my wedding photos.

But yes, we have regrets.

The big one: We should have hired a day of coordinator. But we didn’t. It’s the same excuse that lots of our potential brides give: we didn’t budget for it, and we think we can handle it on our own. Of course, this was before I started my business. My own mistake is why I got into this business, to prevent this from happening to anyone else and working my damnest so they don’t have to lift a finger during their wedding day.

Instead, we had friends and my husband setting up our DIY components the morning of the wedding, groomsmen setting up the tables and chairs the night before, a friend returned all the rental tuxes on his drive up to the airport… it was horrible. And I regret more than anything making my friends do WORK on our wedding weekend, especially after all the traveling they did to be present at our wedding.

Second: Music. We hired a very talented pianist/keyboard player for our cocktail hour and reception. She was fantastic. The only issue was, we had no music playing for parts of the evening when she was taking a break, even though we provided a CD of music. But it was fantastic because she nailed our first dance song and played for my girlfriend who sang for us. But if we had a DJ, just a few moments… it would have keep the party smooth and perhaps have had more people on the dance floor.

Third: Video. We had dear sweet friends video tape our ceremony, our first dance, and part of our Korean ceremony, and they did a fantastic job editing it. But I wish we still had more of it on video because the day goes by SO FAST! So if I wish it and I had the important parts taped, then I can’t imagine how couples who did not have any video feel now.

So enough with the bad…

The great:

We loved our rehearsal dinner. A full 3/4 course meal paired with wines. It was LEGENDARY.

Our welcome BBQ the night before the wedding. My mom made her authentic Korean shortribs. Casual and fun, with an informal beer pong (beirut) tournament in the basement.

I married the love of my life, and my best friend.

Happy Anniversary!

The product of our happy marriage: our baby Oscar.

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