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Posted On: Thursday, August 20, 2009

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As previously blogged, cHill Weddings has an in-house designer, the very talented June Park of June Park Designs.
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She has been working hard for many of clients, creating logos, seating charts, personalized stationery, and now a full invitation suite.

My clients, Vicki and Larry, saw an invitation suite in a bridal magazine that was perfect for their wedding. But the design was for NYC. Since their wedding is in Philadelphia, we needed a new design. This is where the fabulous June steps in.

I’ll let her work speak for itself…

(Main invite and envelope images provided by Kristin at Twin Ravens Press.)

(I apologize for the blur. I prefer to keep last names and actual date of the wedding a secret until the wedding as past. Just in case!)

The main invite and envelopes were printed by a wonderful Kristin at Twin Ravens Press. Kristin is so fabulous to work with and is our go-to letterpress printer for all our invitations and other components.

The other invitation components: the reception card, RSVP postcard, and accomodations cards were printed by Overnightprints.

One of the issues we came across during the printing process was trying to match the colors. Because Overnight prints works digitally and letterpress works with pantone colors (and real mixed ink), the colors did not match the first time. Fortunately, all vendors were understanding and wonderful to work with, and it was fixed right away. If possible, using one type of printing will eliminate color discrepancies. Even if you are using the same company, the colors will vary depending on the printing method (letterpress vs flat, for example). Also, paper quality may differ. These are just some things to keep in mind when you are thinking of printing your invitations.

Vicki and I had a fun day of looking up pantone colors, and I also learned a lot about letterpress and other printing methods along the way. It was a great experience and the end result is immaculate and beautiful. It really set the tone for Vicki and Larry’s wedding and the theme of their Philadelphia wedding shines through.

Stay tuned for other designs currently in process by June!

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