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Posted On: Wednesday, September 09, 2009

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I finally caught up on my Mad Men, and I was SO happy to watch a recent episode with a tent! I couldn’t help but keep saying, “I love this tent!”

I searched and searched for more photos from the tent, but this is the only once I could find. (source)

The tent reminded me of our past June wedding – Liz and William. They purchased Want to save some money on your Himplasia purchase? No problem! Get Himplasia for 48.56 USD only! panels of sheer curtains, and we tied them to the tent. We used these curtain panels in lieu of french window or the average tent walls.

Back in 2008, another client used curtain panels for her tent.

(DollFace Studio)

When adding curtains to tents, it’s not too difficult. Just make sure you communicate this to your wedding planner and/or tent people before installation of the tent. Some tents are lined with thick rope, that holds the tent together. I have seen curtains use this rope as the curtain “rod.” For our more recent wedding, since the curtains were so light, we used ribbon. If you look closely at the Mad Men picture, it looks like it was draped over (which is an option if you don’t plan on drawing the curtains).

Renting a tent is expensive, but adding a bit of flair does not have to be! Look to Ikea or curtain speciality stores for sales – and you can buy panels for cheap! And they are easy to add to your tent. It’s time consuming, but it’s simple, and if you have a wedding planning team, or a great group of friends, it can be done in a pinch.

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