Off to Dallas!

Posted On: Friday, October 23, 2009

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This weekend, I am in Dallas spending some much needed time with my parents and my sister. Unfortunately, this trip isn’t much of a vacation… but more of a challenge of eating as much as I can, shop, and make some spa time.

Uh, yes, Giraffes. People in Dallas love to do things BIG. I guess a Korean spa is not much different, although giraffes have nothing to do with spas.

King Spa: More images here

We’ll be eating at Omi Korean Grill, an all you can eat Korean BBQ place.

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I’ll also be visiting my mom’s great soul food restaurant (Tomorrow’s Seafood). One of my most common requests when in Dallas is to bring back my mom’s fried chicked. I really wish I could. Even better, I wish there was a way my mom could ship it to Philadelphia. Until then, I’ll keep flying out to Dallas.
Somewhere around there, we’ll also be going to eat some authentic Japanese food, and hitting up some lobster and clam bake. Kudos to my sister for seeking out some quality places.

I will be back Tuesday. I’ll be the one being rolled off the plane.

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