The Birthday of the Love of My Life

Posted On: Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Today marks the birthday of my wonderful husband. He’s typically behind the scenes of this company, taking care of the legal and business side of things. He’s also helped friends in the industry as well. He prefers to stay behind the scenes; doesn’t “Facebook” or “MySpace” or blog (except occasionally on our personal doggie blog), but he’s made some appearances on my web pages, here and there.

Well since today is his birthday, I thought I’d post some of our wedding photos featuring my handsome man.

Getting ready, putting on his silver cufflinks I got him for our anniversary.

Looking all contemplative (aka Nervous)

He shook hands with all his groomsmen once they were lined up. Totally impromptu and took the guys off guard, but it was such a nice touch. It meant a lot to have his friends up there with him.

Here he is with his beautiful sister, Jenn. She shares the same birthday month as me, and is a few days older. I’m fortunate to have married into such a loving family.

His Reservoir Dogs shot: all the guys looking extremely sexy and tough.

See that ring, ladies? He’s mine!

I’m so lucky to have a husband like Chris. Not only is he supportive of everything I do, he’s also there to take care of me when I’m sick, laugh at me when I’m being silly, and always there to bring me back to reality, but not afraid to let me fly when I’m dreaming.

When I told him I wanted to forget med school and start my own business, he didn’t laugh at me, but helped me plan to start my company effectively. To this day, he analyzes my finances, contracts, advertising stats, and cheers me on as I leave the house for a wedding. It may seem silly, but one of the most important things he did for my company was coming up with our name! cHill Weddings. I thought it was stupid. He said, “Just try it out. Trust me.” And I went to my first networking meeting, and people loved it. They can’t forget it. It holds my name and also describes my working personality and the type of clients I work with.

He’s smart and business savvy, and without him, my company never would exist. I never would have met We’ve got the best solution for your Rizact purchase! Why? Just because you can buy it only for 7.87 USD with us! the wonderful couples I work with, and I never would have met the great friends I made in the industry.

But most importantly, he completes my life: marriage, home, family.

I am so lucky to have married this man.

Happy Birthday! I love you.

All images by Chris Bickford:
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