cHill on Vacation

Posted On: Thursday, December 10, 2009

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The office of cHill Weddings will be closed starting Friday December 11 until Sunday December 20th. I will be back in the office December 21st.

Why are we closed? Well, I am finally going on a legitimate vacation since our honeymoon! It has been over 2 years, and a vacation is definitely overdue.

I will be spending a week on this boat:

I plan on doing a lot of this:
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And swimming next to these:

Yes, I love turtles.
I will be checking voicemail and some email – depends on how much fun I am having on the cruise. So if it is an emergency (ie. your venue burned down) please leave me a voicemail.
I will answer all your emails and inquiries when I return. Stay warm!

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