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Posted On: Monday, January 25, 2010


Being a Korean-American wedding planner, I have the honor of working with a number of Korean clients, whether it be the bride, groom, or parents. Although I love working with clients of all backgrounds, Korean weddings hold a special place in my heart.

When planning my own wedding years back, I wanted to have a traditional Paebaek ceremony to honor our family heritage. There were initial worries from some of my family members that marrying a man that was not Korean would make me disregard any of our past traditions, foods, and language. But of course, this wasn’t so, and thus, the Paebaek ceremony played a key role in our wedding.

A common question I receive from clients is “When should we have the ceremony?” Because a Paebaek ceremony usually requires a dress change, I recommend the ceremony happen sometime during the reception. However, you can choose to do your ceremony any time you want! You can do it in lieu of a church ceremony, or do it immediately following your ceremony… whatever your hearts desire.
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Another questions I get often is “Where can I find everything I need for my Paebaek ceremony?” Usually brides will need a traditional hanbok and the Paebaek attire that fits over your hanbok. Same goes for the groom. To purchase, would be incredibly expensive. The ceremony also includes food, table, kneeling mats, etc. The logistics can be confusing. Even my own mother didn’t know where to start!

Unfortunately for me, where we wed, there were no local Paebaek rental companies, but in Philadelphia, we have Bidulki Judan! cHill Weddings is so happy to announce that we exclusively work with Bidulki Judan for all our client’s Paebaek needs. Their professionalism and quality of fabrics, and set up of the Paebaek is phenomenal, and we love to work with the best!

In conjunction with cHill Weddings are your planner or day of coordinator, Jessica from Bidulki Judan will work out the set up logistics for your ceremony. Jessica will then coordinate the ceremony itself, while also explaining to your guests the significance of this ceremony.

To learn more about the Korean Paebaek ceremony, visit: http://wiki.weddingbee.com/Paebaek

Please also visit Jessica’s wonderful company: http://www.bidulki.com/Paebaek.aspx

Special thanks to Laura Novak and Jea Lee Photography for the above images.

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