Wedding in Center City Philadelphia

wedding date: May 22, 2010

venue: Sofitel Hotel

I had the amazing opportunity to assist Christina with Jamie and Lynn’s wedding on May 22nd in Philadelphia. Jamie and Lynn were such a great couple to work with and truly wanted the best for their friends and family on their special day. Their strong family values were incorporated throughout the ceremony. Their wedding was not just a joining of two people but, a joining of two families. You could really see their deep commitment for each other and I wish them the best!
Jamie’s shoes were a perfect match for her simple elegant dress

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Jamie’s dress was absolutely stunning! Her all lace dress fit her like a glove and complemented her petite figure perfectly.

Doesn’t everyone look amazing!?! The deep purple of their bridesmaid dresses looked beautiful on each and every one of them. Papertini, the florist, did such a great job at putting together their bouquets. Roses are such a timeless classic.
This photograph was taken right outside the Sofitel where the reception was held. Inku from inkuphotography was their photographer and did such a great job at capturing the excitement and fun throughout their day.
Inku had everyone walk down the street to beautiful Rittenhouse Square for some actions shots. I love how Jamie and Lynn stand out in this photo. It looks like Jamie has a glow around her!

You never know what will be going on in Rittenhouse Square! This young boy was playing his violin and it made for a great opportunity for the couple to share a dance. The videographer was Darrell from Aubert Films. I’m sure he loved capturing this moment on film!
This photo was taken outside a small restaurant named Tria. It began to drizzle a little during the photo shoot but I’m almost glad because the umbrella was such a good prop to use! Luckily, the rain stopped before the ceremony began and held off for the rest of the evening.
The cake looked so yummy! I loved how minimal the decorations were, it really made it look chic. Besides serving cake, the couple had traditional Korean rice cakes called Dduk for the guests to munch on.

Jamie and Lynn decided to have a traditional Korean Paebaek ceremony at their reception. This was such a treat for me to watch because I had never seen one before. Everyone came into the foyer of the Sofitel to watch while Jamie and Lynn entered wearing the traditional attire called hanbok. Both Jamie and Lynn’s parents took turns sitting across from the newlyweds as they carried out the ceremony. My favorite part was when the couple had to throw chestnuts and dates to see how many children they were going to have. I don’t remember the exact number but by the time the ceremony ended the number was well past fifteen!!
The ceremony was followed by some great music from Magical’s, Tom the DJ! He got everyone up on their feet and dancing and kept it that way until the end of the night!
Jamie and Lynn had such a great wedding! I’m so happy that my first wedding with cHill weddings and Christina was with such a gracious couple!
Congratulations to Jamie and Lynn!
Vendor Roundup

Florist- Papertini
Cake- Sofitel
Photographer- Inku Photography
Ceremony Music/ DJ- Magical Sight & Sound (Tom)
Videographer- Aubert Films(Darrell)
Placecards- Jasmine Lee
Programs- Dulcetta Designs, LLC
Invitations – White Aisle
Ceremony- The First Baptist Church
Paebaek Ceremony- Bidulki Judon (Jessica)
Parking- Patriot Parking 1616 Chancellor St.
Special thanks to Inku for providing us with the awesome pictures! We can’t wait to see more images for our later posts.