Jackie and Nathan gets married!

wedding date: March 28. 2010

venue: The Downtown Club

As a wedding planner, it is my job to care about the details, schedules, and other things that normal people wouldn’t really care about.  But I feel like it’s my job to remind them that sometimes these little details don’t matter, and what really does is that you’re marrying your best friend, and that you will have all your friends and family there to witness it. 

Jackie and Nathan’s beautiful celebration of marriage reminded me of what is most important about weddings.  It’s not the flowers and the food, but it’s the company and the memories.

I first got a call from Jackie, who was referred to me by the awesome Kelly from the Down Town Club.  Jackie told me that she was leaving the country the next day, so we’d have to meet in February when she returned.  Little did I know that everything was going to change for them and their wedding plans.

Shortly after they returned, their original June wedding date was pushed up to March, and Jackie and Nathan planned their wedding in a few short weeks.  I remember those few weeks being crazy.  Jackie and Nathan were going their friends’ weddings on the weekends and living at home to be with her father during the week.  I remember going to her parents house for a meeting and they had literally just pulled up to the house from a weekend away for a wedding.  Despite everything they were going through, they were both so amazingly graceful.  She was incredibly strong and later at the wedding, I would see that it was a trait that ran in the family.

So the time came and it was wedding day.  It was a rainy Sunday in March, and I came to the hotel room with Cindy Guessford and Jen Cleary, her second shooter.  It was calm, and I remember thinking that this day will go smoothly even if it kills me.

Jackie bought her gown in Thailand during her trip with Nathan.  I think he may have been the first groom to actually see the dress before the wedding. 
The ring shot is on a book of Philadelphia found in Jackie’s You can save big on the purchase of your Vytorin, if you know where to look for it. We’ve got it at only 1.3 USD for you! Omni hotel room.

Much of the day was up in the air.  Her father did make it to the wedding, but he rested in a private room and came out when he was ready.  We knew this day was very important to him, so we wanted to do all the special moments when he was able to watch. 

The ceremony was a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony.  Nathan’s sister is a rabbi and she officiated the ceremony alongside Jackie’s rabbi that was present at her bat mitzah years before.  I love Jewish wedding ceremonies and one of my favorite details is the walking down the aisle with both parents.

It really is a wonderful way to pay respects to both your parents in raising you, by having them escort you down the aisle together.

The highlight of the night was when her father stood up from his wheelchair to dance with his daughter on her wedding day. 

It was such a touching moment and there wasn’t a dry eye in the touch.  This wedding was a very joyous day but it was also a day rooted with deep emotions.  To see all their friends and family come to be a part of this wedding in such short notice was a testament to the relationships Jackie, Nathan, and their families keep in their lives.

The evening ended with prayer and prayer books (Benching).  Nathan’s younger brother stepped in and led the prayer.  All guests are encouraged to pull their chairs up to the bride and grooms table.  Red and White are poured into separate glasses, then poured together to symbolize creation of new life.  The bride and groom then each drink from this glass of combined wine. 
This amazing day was made possible by the wonderful vendors on hand.
Thank you to Cindy and Jen for the beautiful images from this wedding.  They had the hard job of capturing all the moments of the day. A lot of my vendor friends are awesome, but Cindy really floored me with her professionalism and creativity.
Also, thank you to Papertini for coming in in such short notice and creating the chuppah and the centerpieces.
Her and her team were true profectionists and their work was great.
Special thanks to the Downtown Club for being so accomodating.  Their staff and event coordinators are so easy to work with.  Always a great time to be had at their venue.
And of course, very sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart to Jackie and Nate for allowing me to be a part of your day! 
In memory of Dr. Martin Cohen.
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