Jasmin and Steve’s Wedding Part Two

wedding date: May 22, 2010

venue: Appleford Estate

So you saw part one here

Here’s part two!  And you can see how awesome Jasmin and Steve’s wedding was!

Jasmin and Steve decided to do a first look instead of doing pictures after the ceremony, which is the more traditional route.

I understand why some couples decided to go the traditional route, but the anticipation of seeing each other before the ceremony is still great, and your wedding planner and your photographers can set it up so it’s romantic and private.

Seeing each other beforehand really helps settle those nerves leading up to the ceremony and it also gets your pictures out of the way so you don’t have to miss cocktail hour!  Also, depending on the time of the ceremony, it may be too dark to take pictures outside afterwards, so planning ahead guarantees great pictures outside.

The ceremony was held outside.  Here is Jasmin being escorted by her lovely mother.

What a beautiful picture!  I love watching guests expressions as they see the beautiful bride walk down the aisle.  It’s usually the first tears of the day.  The groom smiling and beaming is always so wonderful.  It’s also at this point, that I, as a wedding planner, high five my assistants because “WE DID IT!”  From here on out, it’s just managing time until clean out.

I LOVE her dress.

This part is usually one of my faves as well. Being announced the first time as husband and wife (or husband and husband, or wife and wife) is so beautiful to me! 

The dinner was supposed to be held outdoors, with dancing under the tent, but do to the weather, we had to move everything under the tent.  The ceremony and cocktail hour was outside, so I consider that a success!

Natasha, Sara, and Duyen worked their butts off hanging up those lanterns. 

But I think they look great and it really added to their overall look.

Looks like it was a fun party! Kim of No Macarena kept the music going all night.
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Thank you to Margaret of Unusually Fine Photography for the awesome images!

And thank you to Appleford and Robert Ryan Catering for the beautiful venue and wonderful catering!
Part three is next with some great detail shots!