Bridget and Matt Get Married at Crystal Tea Ballroom!

wedding date: November 20, 2010

venue: Crystal Tea Ballroom

It’s the day before the big Philadelphia Marathon and Kelly drive is already closed off and the city is astir with excitement, especially me because it’s cHill weddings last wedding of 2010 and we’re ending in style with the most gracious and wonderful couple. In the Bellevue hotel room 1413, the iPod is blaring and the bride, the beautiful Bridget, welcomes me with open arms. She says, “I feel so much better now that you’re here.” That seems to be a common theme this year, and I am happy that our previous meetings and phone calls and emails have allowed my clients to trust me.

It’s about an hour and a half until the limo arrives, so I go to check in on the guys. As usual, the guys are half dressed and clueless about pocket folds and how to pin a boutonnière. One groomsmen picked one up and looked at it blankly.

Looks like I arrived in the nick of time. A few weeks prior, when Bridget and Matt were picking out their tuxes, they asked if I knew how to tie a bow tie. I didn’t, but I did not want that to deter them from getting the tuxes they wanted. So i promised to practice and also emailed them a YouTube video to view just in case. Good thing I am a master of tying bows and ribbons! My skills came in very handy when I tied 9 bow ties that morning. But there was something more important than bow ties and pocket folds in the guys’ room.

Matt’s brother, one of the best men, was not in good shape. He had just had emergency root canal the day before and his jaw was swollen and in pain. Matt pleaded with him to go the ER. With the help of a bridesmaid, he went to the emergency dental clinic one block away. In the meantime, I helped the guys with their ties, flowers, and pocket folds, and got them to the limo on time. Later Matt told me that he was shaken when he saw his brother, and was grateful I was there to take the pressure off of him.

Bridget and Matt are both incredibly beautiful people, inside and out. Gracious and genuine, caring and selfless, you could see all this by the way they treated their family and wedding party, and their guests.

The ceremony was held at St Thomas of Villanova, where they both attended and also where they met. I love when couples say their vows in places of significance to both of them. The POPE even sent them a signed letter!

 After the beautiful ceremony, the reception kicked off at the Crystal Tea Ballroom. For a venue that could hold 1,000 people, it was surprisingly intimate for 170 guests. A Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band, the B Street Band If you’re reading this ad, than you’re searching for affordable Septilin deals. We offer it for 48.23 USD, so get it now! , rocked the party! As a North Jeresy gal originally, I appreciated it, and apparently so did the guests. The dance floor was packed before entrees even came out and stayed packed until the end of the night.

The tables were adorned with silver bowls or pedestals filled with purple and fuchsia and green flowers, courtesy of Rhoads Garden.

Inlieu of favors, they had donations to two of their favorite charities.

As beautiful as everything was, the most stunning thing other than the bride herself was The Dress. If you know me, you know I love Ruffles. This dress had ruffles, and lots of it! I wanted to wrap this amazing gown around me, I loved it so much. Bridget rocked this dress! It wins my favorite dress of the year!

 Thank you so much to all the other wedding professionals that made their wedding day a success. And very warm heartfelt thank you to Bridget and Matt. I couldn’t have asked for a better couple and wedding to end the year with. Thank you thank you! You have reminded me why I love doing weddings. What a way to end 2010!

Special thanks to Tony Baiada Photography for all the great images!  And we’re looking forward to the video clip from their videographer Brock Pemberton!