Julia and Tony Get Married at Landis Valley Museum

wedding date: July 10, 2010

venue: Landis Valley Museum

I love when I meet couples for the first time and I can see how much they love each other.  To me, that’s what makes the wedding, not just the flowers and the dress, but the real love between couples, who always remember that their wedding day is a celebration of their love.   They were a wonderful couple to work with because they trusted all their vendors, who they handpicked through recommendations or from their own prior experience, and never doubted any of our abilities.

The very talented and always generous Jeremy Evans Thomas, their photographer, referred me to Julia and Tony.  I met them at the Iron Hill Brewery while they ate lunch and chatted about their wedding.  They loved that I came highly recommended from their photographer and it was a done deal.  Easy!  And the rest of the planning was just as easy.

Julia and Tony got married at the Landis Valley Museum, which is located in Lancaster.  This museum is more of a tiny village from the past – with a gun shop, inn, little fire house, barn, amongst other buildings that date back to the late 1700′s.  They picked the big yellow barn as their main focus for the wedding, where we head the ceremony, cocktail hour, and the dancing portion of the evening.  A large tent was set up for dinner in the back yard of the barn.  The far field, games such as bocce and cricket, were set up for guests to play.

Tony made a bunch of rustic signs that we hung up or staked in the ground.  They were so cute!

The ceremony was originally planned for the front yard, but it had rained earlier in the day and the ground was muddy.  The museum wouldn’t let us place their rustic chairs in the mood, so we moved the ceremony into the barn, which worked out perfectly.  The Barn already had twinkling lights strung with other decor, and it really worked well.

The gorgeous Julia walking down the aisle as guests admire her!

After the ceremony, the party kicked off straight into cocktail hour.  Their caterer, and also their favorite restaurant, Limoncelle Ristorante and Caterers, had a great spread for cocktail hour and manned a bar with signature drinks and full bar. 

They had an awesome little band that played during cocktail hour.  They played Phish!  It was the most fun I had working a cocktail hour.

Julia and Tony had made their own limencello and bottled one for all their guests to take home as a favor.  Um, it was delicious!

Afterwards, guests headed into the head for their delicious dinner buffet.

Flowers by All Things Beautiful!

After dinner, the guests filed back into the barn.  The Renaissance Orchestra kicked the party off and the dancing began!

My favorite part of the barn:

Here are some more detail shots:

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Jeremy took Julia and Tony around the museum for pictures.  Here are some of my favorites!

Special thanks to Jeremy Evans Thomas for sharing these images with us! 

What an awesome day, despite the rain in the morning followed by the humidity, but it was all worth it to see Julia and Tony’s smiling faces on their wedding day!  Thank you Julia and Tony for choosing cHill Weddings as your wedding day coordinators!