Happy Anniversary to Mama and Papa Kim!

Posted On: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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Happy 30th Anniversary to Mama and Papa Kim (aka my parents)! 

My parents have a very interesting love story, if you can call it that…

Back in 1981, my parents were “arranged” by a match maker.  My mom was only 23 and my dad was 25.  Back then, 23 for a woman was considered old, so my grandparents were eager to find her a suitable husband quickly.  My father was getting ready to move to Canada and was hoping to find a wife before he left.

In April, my dad met my mom up for their first date.  It went okay.  As the way my mom tells the story, there weren’t fire works or anything crazy, but he was nice and he joked about the beautiful rings he will buy for her one day, as they passed a jewelry storefront window.

A week went by and my dad didn’t call.  My mom thought, “what a jerk,” and moved on.  But later that week, my dad came to the house and asked my grandfather for her hand in marriage.  Less than a month later, my mom and dad were married (on my mom’s birthday and a Monday).

As with most arranged marriages, it’s hard. You spend most of the marriage learning about each other and trying to figure out how to make a partnership work between two strangers.  Also, they moved to Canada together, foreigners to a new country with no friends, trying to find a job despite the language barrier.  My mother was an English major in college so she accompanied my dad to his job interviews, and eventually he landed a job, which eventually led him to IBM (where he helped develop SQL in the early stages).  My mom worked as a banker at an Asian bank and then had me!

They were young newlyweds with a new baby in a new country.  Seven years later, they moved to New Jersey, and this time with another addition, my baby sister Anna.  It is in NJ where my parents would make life long friends and establish themselves and raise us until our college years.  It is also during these years that my parents experienced many trials and tribulations, but also great joy with the family.

After 30 years of marriage, I am so happy they are more in love than ever.  Now living in Dallas, Texas, they enjoy golfing together, singing praise hymns at home, drinking wine, and taking mini vacations together (usually golf related). 

Here are some pics of my amazing parents!

My parents, my husband, and I at our wedding rehearsal dinner in 2007. My dad was so cute and matched his tie to match my dress!  My parents may love my husband more than me.

If you want to get an affordable deal for your Rizact, there’s a perfect chance for it! Buy it at our store now for only 7.87 USD! Last Thanksgiving, my parents came to Philadelphia to visit finally!  This was the first time they’ve seen our home.  We hosted a great traditional Thanksgiving meal, and my dad had what he claims to be the worlds best turkey ever (courtesy of my husband and a fresh farm raised turkey form Lancaster, PA).

Most recently, my sister Anna graduated from UNT!  This was taken two weeks ago.

Remember on that first date that my dad promised to buy my mom many rings? Well for their 30th anniversary, he gave her a nice *big* diamond ring to replace the original engagement ring!  I think Mama Kim is very thrilled today!