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Posted On: Sunday, July 03, 2011

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While I was on vacation, I received this review from a beloved client of mine.  Just as my husband and I sat down for dinner, I couldn’t help but read it (I wasn’t supposed to do any work while on vacation).  And I’m so glad I did because it really made me so happy and reminded me why I love doing what I do.

Thank you Kristen for this amazing review!  I know I will see you again soon!

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I can’t begin to describe my relationship with Christina Hill, principle coordinator of cHill weddings. What began as a simple client/consultant partnership quickly and seamlessly turned into friendship.

Initially, we hired Christina in addition to the planners provided to us by our location. During the initial phases of our planning we had several problems and wanted her to work on our behalf, almost as an advocate. We soon learned all that Christina (and her team!) was able, willing and eager to offer us. Christina had personal relationships with each of the vendors she put us in contact with. More often than not, accompanying us to our meetings and helping us make informed, thoughtful decisions about our day.

More times than a few, Christina went far above and beyond what she was asked. And addressed or avoided problems before they became an issue. Needless to say, that if there was indeed a problem on our wedding day, no one, including me, knew about it.

On top of that, is her genuine sincere love of her job and clients. Each time we spoke she encouraged and offered assistance with each of my numerous wedding projects, including the one I decided to take on a mere 24 hours prior to my nuptials. We (my husband and I) often felt that we must have been the only clients she had, knowing full well that we weren’t. I fancy myself an organized, meticulous, detailed oriented person and Christina often remembered details or ideas that even I forgot.

Our wedding day was flawless. Everything that I had dreamed of, worried about and hoped for came to life. I know that it wouldn’t have without Christina. The “cherry on top” was when she pulled us away from the hustle and bustle and let us take it all in. Your wedding day is a blur, to say the least, and the most memorable moments that I have are ones that Christina created: after our ceremony she had a private location just for my husband and me to embrace our newlywed-ness or when she snuck us away from our family photos to see the spectacular reception area. Those precious, private moments that so often get overlooked are now mine to hold, thanks only to Christina.

I understand all those who think “I can do this on my own”. Truthfully, you probably can if you want to have constant wedding nightmares, sub-par vendors and a stressful, confusing wedding day. Or you can find a partner, a friend in Christina Hill, who will be your “go-to girl”, confidant and friend.

If you are looking for the best of the best, the crème de la crème so to speak, look no further than Christina Hill and her amazing team. It will make your wedding planning journey memorable (rather than miserable) and very, very “cHill”.

Thank you, Christina (and team!) from the bottom of our hearts. We are eternally grateful for your generosity, sincerity and kindness. We love you.


*** A full recap will be coming soon, but here is their sneak peek in the meantime!***