Being a guest at a wedding

Posted On: Saturday, July 09, 2011

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So a few months ago, I had the honor of being a guest at my friend’s wedding.
(all images courtesy of Silver Fox Photography unless otherwise noted)

I’d like to think I’m responsible for Ying and Erick being married today. :)  Ying and I met at Bryn Mawr the summer of freshman year, and I met Erick a few years later through mutual friends.  Ying was my best friend and Erick was like a big brother to me, so it was inevitable they would eventually meet.  Ying was so nice to host me and my friends, Erick and Jason, for a weekend of eating, drinking, and dancing.  We had so much fun that weekend, but I didn’t know the love bug had bit them both.  A few weeks later, they told me they were together and the rest is history!

8 years after they first met, they finally made it official in the presence of their closest friends and family, and their wedding couldn’t have been any more perfect.

As a planner, I can’t help but notice things at weddings, and I can definitely say, Ying and Erick put a lot of thought and planning into their wedding and all the guests took note.

Here is my insight as a guest at their wedding:

Transportation: Ying and Erick had a large party bus arranged to pick up their guests at the hotels.  We were notified of shuttle service at the front desk when we checked in.  The best part? The bus was a party bus, and not a typical shuttle or charter bus.  I think this was a surprise for Ying and Erick too, but it worked out great! It was really fun to see guests dancing in the bus after the wedding.  Providing transportation for guests is a great way to make sure no one drinks and drive, and it also a convenience factor for your out of town guests who may not be familiar with the area.  We drove to their Long Island wedding, but after hours of braving traffic to get to L.I., we were happy to have someone else drive us around for their wedding.

Food: Cocktail hour had plenty of seating, and food was displayed in two different rooms, it never felt crowded.  They also had a roasted suckling pig, which was AWESOME!  Their martini bar was set up in one room, and the full bar was in the other.  Because everything was spread out, there never seemed to be any lines or waiting for food or drinks. For dinner, they didn’t have a pre-selected entree but a menu with about 5-6 options ranging from duck to chicken and all in between.  They also had a bar set up on both sides of the room for the reception, so we never had to wait for a drink.

Centerpieces: Their wedding utilized oval tables, which can seat more people than your standard 60 inch round table. Instead of using higher centerpieces, they had two sets of low pieces with candles at each table, which was great because it did not get in the way of conversation between guests.
Here is my crappy picture of their beautiful centerpieces.
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Favors: As much as I love beautiful favors, sometimes they are impractical and I often see them left at the wedding tables.  Ying and Erick had a piece of chocolate for each guest with a note saying there was going to be a candy buffet! This was a great candy buffet!  My husband loved this, and loved having something to snack on when we got home the next day.

Moustaches: It may sound silly, but having sticky moustaches was so much fun!  Guests were dancing and placing them on their face and getting their pictures taken.  We didn’t have to move to a photo booth or do anything!  We kept dancing, and the photographers kept snapping away.  Guests got very creative with the moustaches (I personally liked to use two to make a unibrow)!

After party: After the wedding, instead of having their after party at another location, they kept the party going.  The older folks left shortly after the cake cutting, while the DJ kept spinning and we all kept dancing ! The open bar was extended during this time, and it was great as a guest not having to worry about where to go after the wedding.

The truth is, guests will rarely notice anything that goes wrong such as the wrong song for your first dance, or the cake being the wrong flavor, or even if you have a stain on your dress.  But guests will notice the extra special touches you made, especially if it’s for your guests’ convenience.

My husband and I had a wonderful time at their wedding and was one of the best weddings we’ve been to!
Thank you Ying and Erick for inviting us and we are so honored to have witnessed such a beautiful celebration of your marriage.

Ying is famous for being incredibly photogenic and for being beautiful all the time, but at her wedding, she was breath-taking!  And her gown was stunning and just perfect for her.

My husband and I before we got our dancin’ on!
Me with the bride after her gown change.  Again, another beautiful dress!

Here is their vendor round up with Ying’s grades:

Venue: Westbury Manor – A+
Florist: verbena designs A+ (I nearly fainted when i saw my samples.. beautiful!)
Makeup + hair: Sachiko Yanase A+++
Photographer: Silverfox A
DJ: Silverfox A+
Cake: Westbury Manor
Dress: reem acra
Shoes: stuart weitzman
Invites: (designed by jason ng)
Candy buffet:

Engagement shoots: