Naomi and Stacey Get Married!

wedding date: October 2010

venue: Penn Museum


*All images courtesy of the very talented Peter Van Beever*

It was the shortest consult of my career so far.  I first met Naomi at a local Starbucks.  She was only in town for a few hours and wanted to interview a select group of wedding coordinators.  I remember, I got her phonecall while I was on my way to Atlantic City with my girlfriends, and for some reason, although it was after hours, I felt inclined to take her call.

Fast forward a few weeks, and there I was, waiting for Naomi to sit down for our meeting.  Her last meeting went over, so she only had 5 minutes to chat with me before she had to run.  Here I am thinking, how am I going to get to know her, her fiance, and learn about her wedding in five minutes?   Well, I guess I charmed her during that short moment, because months later, I was getting her ready to walk down the aisle.

The morning of the wedding, Naomi called me to inform me that she left half of her place cards at her home in NYC, so her parents were scrambling to buy a printer so they could reprint a batch.

Later that day, my assistant Sara and I met with Naomi, her family, and her bridesmaids, and we got to work on reprinting and organizing her placecards.*  We didn’t know which cards were missing, so we went through each table to find the missing names.  A few hours later, Sara completed the cards just in time, as the ceremony was ending.  We knew these cards were VERY important to her.  So we made the printing, organization, and placement of these placecards our priority.

Naomi and Stacey chose the Pen Are you in need of cheap Zofran, but unable to find it? Buy in for just 0.47 right here! n Museum for their ceremony and reception venue.  I really love this venue because it is so unique and really sets a nice backdrop, so not much decor is needed at all.  They had plenty of rooms for the bride and groom to get ready.

Like most of my couples do, Naomi and Stacey decided to see each other before the ceremony. Naomi walked into the ceremony area where everyone was already gathered. Once she walked in, it was as if the air left the room, as everyone gasped at how beautiful she looked.  But Stacey saw for the first time, his bride.  After an intimate moment, he grabbed her hands and twirled her around to admire her in all her beauty. 

It was wonderful to see parents who loved their children so much, and also the bride and groom really honoring their parents.

Both sets of parents had a special dance during the reception where they danced to their wedding song.  The wedding was not just a celebration of Naomi and Stacey’s new marriage, but also an acknowledgment of their parents’ happy marriages.

One of the many things I loved about Naomi and Stacey is that even though there were people around them all day, they really cherished being together.  They really smiled, and smiled brightly, when they were together.

Wedding Coordinator: cHill Weddings

Venue: Penn Museum

Caterer: Restaurant Associates

Photographer: Peter Van Beever

Florals: Hana Posy

Lighting: through University of Pennsylvania

Videography: The Artist Group

DJ: DJ Marv (friend of the couple)

Cake: Isgros

*Placecards and escort cards are not one and the same, although very often the terms are used interchangeably.  Placecards are used to notify guests of which SEAT is theirs at the table.  The Escort card notifies the guest which TABLE they are seated at.