Philly Pride

Posted On: Sunday, July 24, 2011

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Last month on a sunny sunday afternoon, cHill Weddings had the opportunity to help out at the annual Philly Pride parade and festival. Pastor Donte Jones from The God Environment needed our help setting up a commitment ceremony booth where couples could pledge their love for eachother. Eager to assist, we arrived at Penns Landing with flowers in hand and decorated the white booth with vibrant purple and gold chinese lanterns. As we finished the decor by placing a dramatic white flower center piece by Carl Alan, couples began to file in from the parade.


 As Pastor Donte Jones read from his ipad to this cheerful couple they couldn’t help but smile and giggle. Like many people at the event they were dressed in bright rainbow colors.

Couples held hands as well as each other’s bouquets as they were read their commitment vows. Samantha Krotzer from Market Blooms generiously donated the flowers. The natural wild feel of the bouquets was perfect for the hot summer day.
The commitment ceremony certificate that all the couples signed and took home to remember the special day.

Even these young teenage girls signed up for the ceremony! It was great to see how all generations came out to celebrate their love for one another.
A happy couple after their commitment ceremony.

It was truly a light hearted day where couples, friends and the community came out to celebrate and support the LGBTQ community. cHill Weddings was happy to be able to take part in the festivities and show our support for Pastor Donte Jones and the equality of love! Big thanks to everyone who dontated their services and talents to make this day possible.

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