Kristen and Jon Get Married!

wedding date: May 29, 2011

venue: The Lake House Inn

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I feel like I became close friends with Kristen and Jon while planning this wedding.  cHill Weddings does pride itself on giving a personal touch to planning, but we had the best time planning their beautiful Lake House Inn wedding.

Just 1 week after our first meeting, my phone rang, and I picked up, ” Hi Kristen!” and it was all over.  We hit it off, and planning began with great fury, and we had fun in the process.

One of the many great traits of this couple is their gratuitude.  They loved picking their vendors from referrals, and as a result, they really trusted in all of us, and I must say, all the event professionals involved really worked well as a team.

Well, here’s my recap on their glorious wedding day…

As the weeks got closer to the wedding day, the weather forecast was not very promising.  Being late May, we were getting hit by storm after storm, with threats of thunderstorms and even tornadoes.  We were starting to get nervous, as their beautiful ceremony was slated to be outdoors overlooking the lake, but I held out hope.  Rain RARELY comes on any of the cHill Weddings, and gosh darnit, it was not going to rain on Kristen and Jon’s wedding day.

And it didn’t.  Instead, we had a very hot and humid day, typical of a Philadelphian summer, but I was happy, because I knew rain would have been worse.

I came that morning to check in on my bride, and she was getting her hair done by the very talented Dar Clinton, and makeup done by Cheekadee.  We were ahead of schedule!

The boys were also getting ready at the Lake House Inn, and the photographer, Candid Moments, had some fun taking photos of the guys who were all looking so dapper.

About a year ago, I posted the pros and cons of seeing each other before the ceremony.  Kristen and Jon actually read it, and took my advice, and decided to do a “first look” photo session.

I love this picture because it was the moment Kristen had been envisioning for a long time.  The pure joy is so evident here.  What you don’t see is Jon’s smile too, and the anticipation as he waited for his bride to walk through the double doors.  You also don’t see me here, but I’m behind those doors playing bouncer (keeping friends, family, and guests from interrupting their very special moment).

Doing a first look session is so nice because you have time to take some amazing photos together (and also while you have great light).  Wedding party and family photos are not involved, so you really have the time to soak in realization together that you’re getting married soon!  The more relaxed you are, the better your images will be, so if you’re the nervous type, I recommend you think about doing a first look session with your photographer before the ceremony.

A few hours later, Kristen made her way down the aisle, which was no easy task.  She entered from the top of the stairs of the inn, then walked down two flights of stairs in heels, then down a path, then down a few more steps…. THEN down the aisle.

She was amazing; smiling (no, beaming) the whole time.

I love these trees that Margaux created for their wedding.  It framed the entrance of the aisle so perfectly, and really made their ceremony unique style-wise.  Kristen liked to call these “her trees!”

Seriously, look at this view.  It was breath taking.  And note, no rain.

A memorial table was set at the front of the ceremony, were Jon’s late mother was honored throughout the wedding.

This arbor Margaux designed was also stunning, and she is miracle worker.  The arbor barely fit, and by barely, I mean, it didn’t.  Unless she drilled into the cement, there wasn’t going to be a way to make the arbor fit… but somehow she did, and she shrugged it off like, “Easy Peasy, no big deal.” That’s why I love the people I work with!

Kristen was Miss Creative DIY throughout the planning process.  She made wedding programs as fans, which the guests really appreciated.  While it may not have rained, it was hot, and the fans kept everyone comfortable during the ceremony.

I absolutely LOVE the first picture of the new Mr. and Mrs.  When I remember Kristen and Jon, this is how I remember them always because this is how they are!  Kristen is a kindergarten teacher who is exuberant and joyful in her daily life. Jon is a business owner, calm and collected, but always with a smile on his face.  I thought they complemented each other very well.  I also admired how he was constantly looking out of her and making sure she was happy.  It was a sign of a very good husband.

Lake House Inn has a unique reception space.  It looks like a tent, but in fact is a permanent structure.  The ceilings are lined (gorgeous), and lighting is included.

The back wall is a wall fountain, and the floors were decorated with floral designs.

Each table number represented their age, so the table number holders had pictures of Kristen and Jon at that age.  It was great to walk around and look at their pictures and see how they grew up.

The placecards were made of speciality paper that could be planted along with the seeds. In the middle of each pink flower, we had placed a colored rhinestone to indicate their meal option.

Margaux got these amazingly fluffy dark pink peonies, one of my favorite flowers.  Her bouquet was stunning, and very flagrant.  Kristen also put together a s’mores treat box, that included skewers, chocolate, and marshmallows.  These were for the guests who were staying at the inn for the post wedding fire pit celebration.  In the white silk satchels were favor notes and also a stone.  Playing off Kristen’s maiden name, the guests placed a stone in a large glass vase, and left a note in a book, which was their guest book.

One of my most favorite things to do during planning is attending a cake tasting.  Van Earls Cakes not only have the most amazing cakes, their tastings are also to die for.  We left with an extreme sugar high, but with content bellies and too many flavors too choose from!  So Kristen and Jon made each tier a different flavor.  Guests loved having a cake flavor option.  They also had butlered sorbets on mini sugar cones for dessert.  It was so delicious.  I only had about twenty (I kid!).

The seating chart was designed by my very talented friend and graphic designer, June.  She makes all the seating charts for my clients and does an amazing job in typing in all the decor elements of the wedding.

Kristen surprised her groom with his very own grooms cake, made with this favorite flavors from the cake tasting.

For centerpieces, we had varying designs, from the cylinder clusters with submerged flowers to the low arrangement with flowers cascading onto the tables.  Kristen also created her own menus, so guests knew what exactly was going to be served for dinner.

A great wedding is never complete without the bride rapping at the end of the night, with DJ Tom Carroll accompanying.  It was fantastic and got the crowd roaring!

And here we are, after many many months of planning together… happy and tired… yet so excited that this was only the beginning for Kristen and Jon.

I can’t wait to see where their love take these two crazy birds.  I know soon they’ll be headed to Bora Bora, but afterwards… who knows!  But thank goodness we’re friends on facebook, because I know whatever they do, they’ll do it with passion and gusto and have a fabulous time!

Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Letko!  And thank you for inviting me to be a huge part of your planning and your wedding.  It was such a joy to work with you, and a blessing.

Also special thanks to the professionals listed below for all their hard work and for doing what they do so well!

Wedding planner: cHill Weddings with assist from Tasha

Photography: Candid Moments

Flowers: Fleur de Lis

Venue: Lake House Inn

Officiant: Rev. Kent Foster

Catering: Jeffrey Miller Catering

Music: Magical Sight and Sound

Cakes: Van Earls Cakes

Calligraphy: Jasmine Lee

Seating chart: June Park Designs

Makeup: Cheekadee

Hair: Dar Clinton