Annie and Barry Get Married!

wedding date: September 17. 2011

venue: The Liberty House

I was in Junior High and I was rocking a vintage Banana Republic tshirt - when it was still the safari/rugged  style.  Only the popular older kids wore these shirts, and I had one.  Thanks to Annie!  Growing up, Annie, who was a year older than me, handed down to me her clothes and books.  I looked up to her because she was older and cooler, like an older sister I never had.  We used to have sleepovers at her home, and she introduced me to the old disney sing-a-longs and when we got older, she shared her Adam Sandler “They’re all going to laugh at you” album.

Our parents were very close and I reaped the benefits of having a friend.  Once we got to college, we lost touch, especially after my parents moved away, but thanks to Facebook, we reconnected.  I learned that she was living abroad and was engaged, and she found my planning website.  I took her on as a client and helped her and Barry plan their NJ wedding while they lived in Australia and later Hong Kong.

Annie, a Korean-American girl from New Jersey, was marrying Barry, a Chinese guy from Scotland.  They met in Australia and now are living in Hong Kong.  Isn’t that crazy?! Love will find you anywhere you go.

Here are some images that depict their wedding date, thanks to Bright Smith Photo ( and 

The day started at the Westin in Jersey City.  Hair and Makeup was provided by La Sorella Bridal.  They were great!  They kept all the girls on time and looking radiant.

Usually wedding day mornings are hectic.  The girls are rushing to get dressed and the bride is nervous.  But Annie’s room was calm and happy.  Her bridesmaids were some of the most supportive people I’ve ever seen for a bride and Annie was beaming all day.

The guys got ready at the Westin as well.  Here Barry, the groom, is helping Annie’s father with his bow tie.  Annie’s dad was an integral part of the wedding planning, very supportive and reiterated many times when I spoke to him that he just wanted Annie and Barry to have a wonderful wedding.

The groomsmen rocked a signature You can get your Purim at the most affordable price here! Buy it only for 47.3 USD with us now! Papertini boutonniere. 

And a snapshot of Annie’s bouquet, again courtesy of Papertini.  Tanti did an amazing job with her bouquet.  It was absolutely stunning and complimented Annie’s dress perfectly.

While the girls were boarding their van to get to the Liberty House, the guys posed for some shots.  Looking very dashing!

Annie and Barry had a private moment together before portraits and the wedding.  I always encourage this so that you can maximize your time for portraits (while there is still enough light) and also it really calms your nerves.

I really loved Annie’s dress.  It was classic and beautiful, but it functional – it had pockets!  Annie joked that she can put everyone’s cell phone sand keys in her gown pockets.

All the bridemsaids wore a fusion Korean hanbok.  It’s made of the same fabric and patterns of a traditional hanbok, but it was designed to be more like a westernized gown. In this above image, you can sneak peaks of the other colors that hid under the skirt.  Gorgeous dresses and a great pay to pay homage to Annie’s Korean background.

The girls carried light blue hydrangeas with pops of purple.  Hydrangeas are typically very fragile flowers, especially in the heat, but the amazing Papertini were able to keep them alive and well during her commute from Philadelphia to Jersey City and all day during the wedding.

Annie chose the Liberty House as her wedding venue because she always loved the NYC skyline.  The venue had a large platform which was perfect for pictures.  I love this picture of them because it shows a bit of their personalities when they’re together.

The ceremony was held outside in a private garden.  An arch adorned with flowers was erected as a background.  The ceremony was officiated by Annie’s family pastor.

At cocktail hour, we displayed the shadow boxes created by Golden Silhouette.  They included pictures of Annie and Barry has children and with their family and friends.  Guests loved looking through the three shadow boxes.  At the end of the night, we boxed them up so they can display them at their home in Hong Kong.

Although it was very windy, we held the Korean Paebaek ceremony on the platform.  I knew Annie loved the skyline, and guests were already outside for the ceremony, so we were able to host the korean ceremony outside.  It was tricky, Sarah and I held up the screen, the music was played off the balcony of the venue, and the photographers and videographers took their places on the outskirts of the platform.  Guests congregated in front of the platform while they sipped on some cocktails.

The Liberty House has a wonderful outdoor area.  Tables had firepits incorporated into the table and people could sit around the pit.  It was a great spot for guests to mingle and hang out during cocktail hour.

The main reception was held up in the main ballroom that also over looked the skyline.

The wedding cake was created by the famous Cake Boss!  Unfortunately I never got a chance to taste the cake. I was too busy catching fire… more on that later.

All paper pieces were done by Golden Silhouette and florals designed and created by Papertini.  All the tables were named after places that Annie and Barry have visited or lived in.  For such a well traveled couple, they had plenty of locations left over after we assigned the tables.

*Both mosaic images provided by Carryn Golden of Golden Silhouette.

Here are some details shots!

Each place setting had Scottish Shortbread and Chinese Happiness candies to commemorate Barry’s background (Chinese-Scottish).

The wedding was a blast!  Annie and Barry were such gracious hosts of their wedding, welcoming friends and family from all over the globe!  I think there were more guests from overseas than from the US.

Planning their wedding was a great experience and I was so blessed to get to know Annie all over again and to get to know her wonderful husband.  My night was totally made when Barry gave a speech and thanked me and Tanti (of Papertini)!  

The wedding went off without a hitch, and cHill Weddings was on fire!  Literally.  I leaned over the head table to speak with Barry and I didn’t realize that one of the votive’s flames had caught fire onto my blazer.  Yeah, I was on fire.  It was awesome. :)

Thank you Annie and Barry for including us in your beautiful wedding day! It was an honor to work with you both and I hope we see each other again real soon!

Here are some other wedding professionals that helped rock this wedding:

Film: Orange Films

Transportation: ETA Worldwide

Entertainment: Cafe Wha (awesome)

String quartet: The Dolce Ensemble