Let Them Eat Cake…Or Not!

Posted On: Monday, May 21, 2012

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Dinner has long since been served, guests have been swept away to the dance floor, and the newlyweds have managed to wash the icing from their hair. This is the point where my insatiable sweet tooth has me looking forward to the slice of wedding cake awaiting me at the table.  Many times, however, my similarly insatiable love for dancing keeps me out on the floor long past dessert time. This is why I am a strong supporter of one of the popular wedding trends this year: DESSERT TABLES. A dessert buffet allows your guests to get dessert on their own time, gives them options and can add to the décor and style of your wedding. And let’s face it, not everyone likes cake.

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A dessert buffet gives your guests the fun option of picking and choosing from mouth watering delights. Some people do this in addition to a cake but if you aren’t a traditional couple, you could skip the wedding cake and just go for one of these confectionery conveyor belts. Or if you want to sprinkle in some traditional elements, some couples opt for a tier of cupcakes with a small cake on top. The possibilities are endless! From macarons and mini cakes, to fruit tarts and candies, you’ll be sure to have plenty of options for all your guests.

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Another benefit is that guests can choose from these sugary selections on their own time. A dessert table gives your guests the chance to grab some dessert AND make memorable moments. They can mix and mingle, and have dessert when they are ready to step away from the dance floor.

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This can also be an affordable and original way to customize your wedding and add to the visual appeal of your reception.  With today’s innovations, you can easily coordinate your desserts with your décor. Talk to your baker and have them create desserts that match your colors, patterns or themes used in other elements of your wedding (i.e. table linens, invitations, name cards). You could also have fun with how the treats are displayed. For example, use a variety of vintage cake plates and apothecary jars to create different heights and textures on the table. GET CREATIVE! No matter what direction you go, the results are sure to be SWEET!

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