Drink Up! Signature Cocktails

Posted On: Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Whether I was out dining with my boyfriend or out on the town with my friends, someone always would ask me, “ what are you going to have to drink?”; and every time my response was the same, “bay breeze, regular vodka no coconut”. I guess you could say a bay breeze is my drink of choice, my signature drink. In fact,  they are beginning to no longer ask me what I will have to drink, and now I managed to just end up with my signature cocktail in my hand ( and I’m not complaining!). As a signature drink connoisseur, I think adding a personalized cocktail to your wedding is the perfect way to spice up your reception! Not only is this a fun addition to your special day, but it is also a great way to cut costs. Keep reading for some great tips on selecting your signature sips!

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First, let’s get down to business. A personalized drink can help you save money if you are a bride on a budget. Instead of an open bar, you can simply serve your guests beer, wine, champagne , and of course your signature spirits. As long as you stick to the house liquors and basic bar ingredients, a trademark cocktail won’t bust the bank. It also helps the bar staff keep the drinks flowing. They can continue to mix the same drink and serve your guests quicker. You will be sure to have some very pleased guests!

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Now for the fun part, creating your concoction! The most important tip? Infuse your personalities as a couple, and of course make it mouth-watering.  You could ask the caterers for help mixing up your drink or have a fun date with your groom. For a flirty date night at home, stir up some of your favorite ingredients until you find a quencher that blends both your tastes. If you come from different cultural backgrounds, perhaps you could find a cocktail that brings them together. Another great idea is to serve a tasty refreshment that matches the color or theme of your wedding. Or maybe you and your significant other have a delicious drink that represents a memory, such as a tropical vacation or an intimate evening together. If you are having some trouble coming up with ideas, do some research online. Check out drinksmixer.com to search for some yummy recipes. And don’t forget to come up with a creative name for your beverage, such as raspberry romance or sealed with a kiss!

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Whether you are a couple on a budget or just looking for a unique twist for your wedding, signature sips are the way to go! It is a great way to give your guests the opportunity to try a new cocktail and leave them with a lasting memory (and hopefully not a hangover!). In the end I don’t know if I have persuaded you, but I am certainly leaving here inspired to find new drink of choice!