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Posted On: Friday, March 01, 2013

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When planning your wedding, many of you will be focused on the guest experience. You want those attending your special day to have an incredible time that they’ll rave about for years. As wedding planners, we have seen our fair share of weddings in which the guests are too shy or aren’t interested in dancing (and than there are those people who won’t leave the dance floor!). With this said it is always a good idea to provide other activities to keep them entertained throughout the night. Here are some fun ways to liven up the reception commercial inflatable water slides for sale!

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Perhaps your cultural background has traditional dances. Hiring a professional dancer to exhibit these ethnic dances will keep everyone interested. It may even inspire them to dance. Even if you don’t have dance traditions in the family, certain dances such as belly dancing or salsa dancers may go with your theme.

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Photo booths are also a popular form of entertainment at weddings. Guests can have their photo taken while trying on crazy fun props. Photo booths always make for a good laugh for everyone! It will be even more entertaining for you when you look at the photos later! You can hire a professional photo booth company or just make your own props for the guests to be photographed in.

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Another exciting way to spice up your reception is by providing games for everyone to play. Leave games on each guest table such as I spy or trivia about the couple. You could even have a section of side tables where guests can mingle and play board games. If you have an outdoor wedding, lawn games are also a great idea. Who doesn’t love a rousing game of corn hole or croquet?!

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It is also important to keep your guests well fed. If you have a lull in your reception and guests are hungry, nobody will be happy. A lively way to keep them full AND entertained is by having interactive stations. Have a s’mores bar or coffee station where guests can make their own desserts or prepare a variety of coffees for themselves.This will be a fun and delicious activity for your guests! You could even provide a late night snack to keep them energized and dancing all night long!

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If you aren’t interested in a live entertainer, an alternative to this could be a live artist. It is a fun and creative idea to have a caricaturist or a silhouette artist at your wedding. Kids and adults alike will love this! It also gives them a fun souvenir to remind them of your special day.

Keep your guests well fed and well entertained and they will have a blast! Don’t forget to enjoy these fun activities yourselves. It is your day to make memories and have fun!

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