A Gatsby Worthy Wedding

Posted On: Thursday, April 04, 2013

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Photo Courtesy of Wedding Bells

I don’t know about you, but my excitement is building for the release of The Great Gatsby on the silver screen.You may be thinking that Leonardo DiCaprio’s role in the film has some influence on my anticipation ( and your not entirely wrong); However, I am mostly eager to see the style and energy of the 1920′s come to life. With all the amazing imagery and fashion in the movie, The Great Gatsby is bound to be influential on upcoming wedding trends. So for all you molls and dolls out there, here are some tips and inspiration for hosting a Gatsby themed wedding that will be the cat’s meow inflatable slide!

Wedding Gown from BHLDNPhoto courtesy of Pinterest

The jazz age was full of sparkle and pizazz, and your wedding should be too! The easiest way to incorporate this time period is through your attire. The 1920′s attire is elegant and fun at the same time. Try a glamorous bedazzled full length gown or even a short flirty flapper dress for the reception!  Be sure to add some art deco accessories to top off the look. Channel Daisy with a bird cage veil, a headband, or even feathers! AND don’t forget to encourage your guests to dress in The Gatsby theme too!

Photo from Ruffled; Peppernix Photography

The Roaring Twenties was a time of economic prosperity. With that comes extravagance and indulgence. Capture the feeling of the times with a gilded art deco cake adorned with gold.  This is a cake worthy of a party at Jay Gatsby’s mansion!

Photo from Heavenly Blooms

Really transport yourself back in time,by renting a 1920′s style car. You will instantly feel as though you are back in the jazz age, and it makes for a great photo opt!

Photo courtesy of Wedding Bells

Mustache flasks for the groomsmen? If that doesn’t say 1920′s prohibition era than I don’t know what does. Plus they would make a great gift for the bridal party!

Photos Courtesy of Wedding Bells and Two Hearts Inspiration

Feathers and glitz were a huge part of the 1920′s. Incorporate them into your decor to make your venue feel like a jazz age affair. Another way to give the day a vintage feel is by adding antiques such as typewriters and art deco mirrors around your reception. Your guests will fly back in time!

All this 1920′s inspiration has made me fall in love with the 1920′s even more! With all the glamour and glitz of the jazz age, the theme makes for a fabulous event that is bound to be the bee’s knees. Your wedding will certainly be an affair that everyone wants to be invited to and where nobody wants to leave支架水池!

“Can’t repeat the past?…Why of course you can!”