Are you a Target Bride?

Posted On: Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Photos Courtesy of Target

By now you have probably heard the latest in wedding fashion news… Target stores are releasing a line of bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses. Over the years, the mass market retailer has tried to establish itself as a go to store for affordable fashion through its’ designer collaborations (Missoni, Phillip Lim etc). With the launch of their new wedding line, Target seems to be banking on their affordable yet fashionable reputation.

The new line is called Tevolio, derived from the Italian saying Ti Voglio, meaning I love you. Tevolio includes wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses. They range from short strapless looks to a cowl neck floor length gown. The bridesmaids dresses are even available in a variety of colors. Although I have yet to see them in person, they look simple yet elegant.

Ranging from $24-129, the collection is definitely inexpensive. However, can Target offer wedding worthy dresses at that cost? Some brides may see this as sacrificing style for their budget. In fact, the idea of purchasing a gown for their big day at Target may be a turn off, especially since the gowns are only available online. It is a big risk to get your gown online, let alone from a mass retailer. On the other hand, I have only seen the gowns online, but I think that frills free brides on a budget will go for the steal. It may even be a great affordable option for your bridesmaids. However, only time will tell if the mass marketer can successfully sell wedding gowns.

Would you buy your wedding gown at Target?

Amore Bello,